Coding Interview

Assess your data structure/algorithm knowledge.
Evaluate your problem solving skills.
Prepare for behavioral questions.

What I should know ...

What is a Coding interview?

  • Candidates are usually asked simple data structure questions and one or two coding questions.
  • Candidates are expected to indicate strong ability in data structures, algorithm, problem solving, and writing a clean code.
  • Candidates in any levels (internship, new grad, experienced) should be well-prepared for coding interviews.

Why mock interview session with us?

  • We have gathered a team of experienced interviewers from well-known tech companies conducting coding interviews as part of their daily jobs.
  • We conduct the interviews in the same way that you will expect in the real interviews. Our interviewers are totally engaged in the interview for example by providing hints if necessary, challenging the candidates on the proposed solutions, and asking follow up questions.
  • At the end of each interview, candidates are provided with strengths and areas of improvement. Based on the interview result, we provide candidates with resources for further practices and better preparation for the actual interview.

Why are you recommended to do Coding mock interview?

  • Unfortunately, interview can be stressful even for well-prepaid candidates. It’s very helpful to do some mock session and practice coding under real interview situation.
  • Coding interview is more than writing a code. The questions you ask, the way you approach the problem, and many other factors are playing significant roles in the success in a coding interview.
  • As interviewers, we absolutely recommend that candidates spend enough time for preparation for coding questions.

How much each coding interview session costs?

  • Considering the quality of our service, we provide a very competitive price. Please have a look at our Pricing Section to get the latest price.

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